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Breaks Are Good For The Brain.



So I had really high hopes of blogging over Christmas break. And then I remembered that after I finished and turned in a 15 page research paper, I still had about a thousand Christmas presents to buy and wrap. Not to mention tons of family members and friends to see and catch up with after being away from home for five months. So yeah…no blogging for me. Looking back, that’s exactly what I needed. I stayed up late talking with my mom and sister or catching up on my favorite shows every night and slept in every morning. Despite all of the family gatherings and celebrations over the last few weeks, I feel fully rested and I’m ready to tackle the Spring semester. I’m going to savor every moment of the next week before it’s time to go back starting with New Year’s Eve.

Sam and I wanted to keep things low-key for our first NYE together, so he planned a quick little trip to a ski resort near James Madison University (our alma mater) for us. I can’t wait to see what he has planned! I know we’ll be seeing a few friends (yay!) and there might even be a spa treatment in my near future! Thank you, Jesus! Cannot. Wait.

What do you all have planned for NYE? More importantly, what are you wearing? I literally have no idea what to wear since I’m not even sure what we’ll be doing that night. Help!


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